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  • In office cubicles, desks, chairs and couches are usually upholstered, and there are upholstered furniture items for the lobby.
  • In factories, upholstered products may include machine guards and air filters.
  • In hotels or motels, upholstered items include beds with mattresses (not just bedspreads) as well as sofas, and these are found in places like spas and restaurants.
  • In lounges and other public buildings, upholstered products include sofas, chairs and benches.
  • In kitchens, upholstered items include stools at a breakfast bar or kitchen table and countertops with backsplashes that may have some form of upholstery.
  • In clubs, bars and restaurants as well, upholstered items may include sofas, chairs and booths.
  • Motorized vehicles such as boats, airplanes and RVs often have upholstery as well.
  • Other types of commercial upholstery include window treatments, upholstery on curtains and in theater seats, upholstery for the seats of vehicles and other transportation equipment.
  • Apart from offices, hotels, spas and restaurants, other places that should consider upholstery cleaning are hair salons, medical facilities and schools. In these places upholstery is exposed to all sorts of substances that can be harmful for humans when they come in contact with them or are ingested through skin absorption.

The upholstery of a vehicle is not just the fabric on the seats. It includes carpeting, leather upholstery and trim pieces for interior panels such as armrests, vents and dashboards. Interior textures are also part of an automobile’s upholstered surfaces, including headliners that cover the inside roof section of a vehicle, and door panels. To clean upholstery on a car or other transportation equipment, it is necessary to use an appropriate chemical that has degreasing properties such as detergent with soap in the mixture. This type of solution removes dirt from deep within fabric fibers so that surface stains are easily removed by vacuuming or other techniques.