Offices, Hotels, Lounges and similar commercial spaces … 

Commercial Cleaning by the pros.

Don’t leave commercial cleaning to trial and error. You want the right techniques and equipment to be used to avoid damage – the carpets, sofas, rugs, and the like in commercial spaces are special and expensive and businesses should not be dealing with their replacement in short intervals due to improper care. We know.

We have the right standard operating procedures to execute satisfactory work

Commercial Carpet Cleaners In Action

Our carpet cleaning services cover not only homes but also offices or any other commercial facility − we can help you keep your carpets looking like new. Commercial cleaning generally refers to any type of business or property which has a lot of foot traffic, whether it be from employees or visitors. These types of establishments require commercial carpet cleaning services more often than not in order to maintain the cleanliness that they offer their customers and clients. An important aspect of commercial carpet cleaning is the removal of stains from heavy traffic areas. It’s also important for businesses to ensure that all surfaces are clean and healthy due to exposure to a large number of people and the potential for spreading germs.

Our commercial carpet cleaners do not just clean these types of places – they also disinfect them to stave off any unwanted bacteria or virus outbreaks.

Commercial facilities requiring carpet cleaning include

  • Hotels
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Restaurants
  • Government buildings
  • Offices
  • Libraries
  • Retail stores
  • other businesses with large numbers of people coming in on a regular basis.

Commercial cleaning services are required by businesses to protect their customers by keeping up with the high volume of people coming in on a regular basis. For example, restaurants also require these types of cleanings because so many people are exposed when eating out regularly.

Commercial buildings may not have the same levels of access as homes do for carpet cleaning equipment but there are still ways to clean carpets efficiently here. Our professional cleaners will also know where stains originate from and how best to remove them: this is a crucial step for effective carpet cleaning; this means a more thorough job than one may do at home.

Cleaning is a necessary evil. It’s never fun to do, but it has to be done. Even before you open your doors for business, you need to ensure that the space is clean and ready for visitors. But what does commercial cleaning entail? What are some of the most common types of establishments that require commercial cleaning? And when should commercial carpet cleaning services be performed on a commercial scale?

For commercial or industrial applications, we may deploy truck mounted extractors for deeper stains; these units have suction cups on them that ensure they do not harm the carpet. In addition, we may need to use extraction machines, scrubbers, and hot water tanks for boiling carpets. Our professional cleaners may use a hard surface scrubber for tough stains, heated brushes to remove grease or bacteria. We also have access to a large suite of professional carpet cleaning chemicals.

Commercial Carpet Stains

  • Oil and Grease stains
  • Oils can be removed with professional carpet cleaning chemicals better than with ordinary household detergents. Oil stains are removed by using solvents such as turpentine or gasoline to dissolve the oil and then remove it with water cleanser. Grease is removed by using solvents like turpentine (or gasoline) mixed with soap flakes in order to break up and remove it from surfaces. The product
  • Cigarette smoke odor removal from carpet
  • Cigarette smoke odor removal is a specialized service that requires heavy duty scrubbing to remove tar and nicotine. We encounter this in hotels and similar buildings. Even when there are designated smoking areas, you can imagine what some people do!
  •  Heavy duty spills: Heavy Duty Spill Cleaning is needed when there is an unusual or large spill, such as paint spray, oil leak from car, etc that gets onto carpets. For these types of stains, professional carpet cleaners will use a rotary tool that is specifically designed to penetrate and remove stains.
  • Other Stains: Pet accidents, vomit or blood spillages on carpets, mold remediation are scenarios that require our professional cleaning services with with specialized equipment.

Stains found on hotel carpets are usually of the hard to remove category as hotel guests are usually less considerate than in private residences. In office rooms, on the other hand, stains are usually of medium difficulty. Factory carpet stains include substances such as oil, grease and paint. Hospital carpets will exude substances such as medication and bodily fluids.

When dealing with stains that are biological, as encountered in hospitals, it is important to use professional carpet cleaning chemicals that will break down the material. In all these cases, professional carpet cleaning is recommended in order to avoid the negative effects of bacteria and other microorganisms on health.