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Professional Carpet Cleaners In Action

Carpets are a popular flooring choice for many homeowners because they provide a soft, warm feel underfoot. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for carpets to accumulate dirt and grime over time that can lead to an unpleasant odor or unhealthy living conditions. Professional carpet cleaning can remove this build-up of soil and help you keep your home safe and healthy.

Domestic Carpet Cleaning

Domestic carpet cleaning is the most common type of professional service offered by companies in this industry. Domestic carpet cleaning covers the cleaning of items such as:

  • living room carpets
  • bedroom carpets
  • hallway carpets
  • staircase carpets
  • carpets in homes found at the entrance, often called the foyer or hallway.

Rugs and carpets are often times used interchangeably. However, whether you call it a rug or carpet, the professional cleaner is still eliminating dirt and grime from its surface.

Our Goal

The ultimate goal of carpet cleaning is to remove build-up of soil on your carpet that leads to unpleasant smells or unhealthy living conditions. Our professional cleaners use a variety of tools and products to remove dirt and stains from carpets that have become soiled over time. A variety of cleaning equipment and products are used because each job may demand different tools to extract soil, stains or provide additional protection. We may need to provide additional sanitizing treatments that can help eliminate allergens and bacteria from your carpets. If required, we can focus on restoring the natural look of your carpets by removing spots.

Domestic Carpet Stains

The types of stains we encounter in domestic carpet cleaning can be categorized into three types:

  • dry stains such as tea, coffee, wine
  • wet stains such as fruit juices or curry sauce, and
  • greasy stains which are harder to remove from carpets

Another way to categorize these stains is by their characteristics:

  • water stains like sweat or urine
  • protein stains such as food or blood, meat, cheese, milk,
  • oil and fat stains such as stains from cooking residues
  • sugar or carbohydrate stains such as fruits or berries
  • greasy stains which are harder to remove from carpets
  • dry dirt and dust which will not harm your health

If we consider the difficulty of removing the stains, we can categorize the stains as follows:

  • tough stains, into which category fall stains such as blood, food and urine
  • difficult stains such as sweat or grease
  • moderate stains include stains such as honey or lemon which are more difficult to remove
  • easy stains such as dust, pollen and sand.

Let us look at a few of these types of stains in a little more detail.

Pet Stains

Most pet owners know the smell and messes that come with owning an animal. Pet stains are usually caused by urine, feces, vomit, nasal discharge, earwax or hairballs from cats, dogs, birds, rabbits, hamsters and horses. There are specific products on the market we use to treat pet stains. Our carpet cleaning production selection may include urine odour removers, enzyme cleaners and/or professional spot treatments. We usually remove urine stains by using an enzyme cleaner, which breaks down uric acid (the component that causes urine odour). Enzymatic cleaners work by breaking down proteins found in urine, saliva and other bodily fluids. We excel in this.

Food Stains

Food stains may involve cereals such as cornflakes or semolina; jams like strawberry jam or plum preserve; sauces made with tomatoes. During spot treatment of these stains, our professional carpet cleaner will usually use a solvent and water, or strong detergent mixed with lukewarm water.

Drink spills

Drinks such as coffee, tea, wine, fruit juice, beer or other alcoholic beverages are prone to be spilled on our home carpets. For drink spills, our carpet cleaning spot treatment may entail using a solution of laundry bleach and water, or the application of an enzyme cleaner. Or in treating difficult drink spill stains, we may use a special, pre-mixed drink stain remover.

Blood Stains

Blood stains are the most difficult to remove. The blood may have been there for some time before it was discovered therefore leaving an established stain which is very hard to remove completely without damaging the carpet fibres. For blood stains, our professional carpet cleaner will need to identify the type of blood involved. Our professional will then take steps to remove the stain with water and a detergent depending on what is necessary (diluted warm water or concentrated hot).

Ink spills

Ink spills fall under the stain category of dye stains. For ink spills, our professional cleaners use a solvent such as acetone or ethyl alcohol to remove and dissolve the ink.

Moth damage on carpet

Carpet moth damage results from the larvae of carpet moths eating the natural or synthetic fibers in a carpets. If we encounter this in your case, our professional cleaners will use moth crystals to kill and deter infestations from re-occurring. If the carpet fibers are damaged, we are able to use a special kit to repair and re-attach the fibers.

Smoke and soot from fires.

Kitchen fires or actual building fires will create smoke and soot that can settle on the carpets of a home. We will use specific tools to clean this type of damage.

Stains from families eating too much fruit

This type of stain can be one of the most difficult to remove from carpets and upholstery. The acid in the fruit actually eats away at the fibers and leaves behind a stain that is not easy to extract, even for professional carpet cleaners. There are stains professional companies like us have special solutions for, in order to get rid of the stain completely.

Importance of professional carpet cleaning

It is always best to call professional carpet cleaners for any type of stain removal. The professionals are trained and equipped with tools that will extract tough stains without spreading them across your carpets. This is an important point, not just self-serving, since the smell of pet accidents or smoke can linger for years if not treated by professional cleaners.

To highlight the key reasons to hire professional carpet cleaners:

  • Professional carpet cleaning prevents permanent stains from building up due to dirt and and other stains.
  • Professional carpet cleaning is important because it’s a way to eliminate potential health risks such as bacteria or viruses that can cause infections if they are not properly removed
  • Professional carpet cleaning prevents the growth of mold, which can be hazardous to health.
  • Professional carpet cleaning is important because it saves you time in having to clean your carpets yourself
  • Our professional carpet cleaners will also know where stains originate from and how best to remove them; this means a more thorough job than one may do at home

The great thing about our professional carpet cleaning service is that we are proud of the work and it’s clear to see. We provide a professional and thorough service to your carpets, so they will be in good condition for many years. Do not hesitate to contact us now.